Equity | Portfolio Management Products | AIF

There are 3 basic type of Players in the Equity Market:

1)Traders 2) Investors 3) Speculators

PMSFinServ is always focused on providing the most suitable advisory services to traders and investors while making sure all players get the necessary execution platform for trading in securities.

One of our leading offerings at PMS Financial Services is investment opportunities in equity. We thrive at identifying the right products for our clients across a wide range of sectors. Our recommendations are based on comprehensive research as well as a detailed understanding of the markets. Our team comprises several experienced personnel that continuously monitor the wide range of parameters such as a company’s offerings, objectives, as well as its performance spanning several years. As a result, we develop a portfolio that is multi-faceted, long-term, and resistant to volatility and provides our clients with consistently positive results!

We also deal in 3rd party PMS Products and AIFs based on investor’s risk and return appetite. You can talk to us for more on this.

Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Balance Mutual Funds | ETFs

Mutual funds require rather minimal daily involvement and offer several other benefits such as tax planning through instruments such as Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), they have become a popular form of investment, especially for retail investors looking to develop a portfolio that is comparatively less risky and ensures positive results for the long term. With PMS Financial Services’ exclusive Mutual Fund solutions, we aim to provide our clients with complete financial security by designing customized wealth management strategies, depending on their goals, whether they are short or long-term.

With the market flooding with options, our Mutual Fund team studies your goals and curates a collection of mutual funds that cover diverse sectors as well as meets our clients’ requirements!

Other Investment Options

At PMS Financial Services, we are continuously on the lookout for investment opportunities for our clients. Depending on their investment preferences as well as budgetary allocations, we also enable clients to invest in other instruments to park their money that yield results in the long term. Our research team identifies products such as bonds, gold funds, ETFs, as well as currency, to name a few and seamlessly executes the same.